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New Cabinetry Has Arrived

February 6, 2017
Photo of new cabinets (white) inside the back of a semi-trailer which is parked on the loading dock.

New cabinetry arrives at the loading dock.

The new cabinetry for the Paleontology Collection has arrived! Shipment one of four arrived on February 1 and with help from Facilities Management staff we were able to move all of the cabinets down to the collections range on B-Level in one day.

Photo of Jacob (man in black) using a redpallette jack to move a large white cabinet into the collections.

Jacob uses a palette jack to move one of the new cabinets into the collections.

Photo of a man using a forklift to place a cabinet onto other cabinets. In the foreground a man in black and grey admires the other man's forklift prowess.

Using a forklift, Michael Burch carefully places the top cabinet into the Paleobotany row. Jacob stands back and admires Michael’s forklift prowess.

We are also happy to report that as of Friday February 3 the Paleobotany collection has been completely transferred into the new cabinets.

Photo of a man in gray pants standing on a ladder bolting cabinets together.

Safety First! Jacob bolts a top cabinet to the bottom cabinet so when we pull out the specimen drawers, the whole thing doesn’t come crashing down on us.

One of the lingering concerns for us was how the spacing of the fossils would work when transferring from old cabinets into new ones. After transferring the entire Paleobotany Collection, drawers in undivided cabinets can hold an equivalent of 2-3 drawers of old cabinets, while drawers in divided cabinets can hold an equivalent of 1-2 drawers of old cabinets. This is fantastic news, as this means the total space for the collection will grow allowing more fossils to be collected for research!

Photo of a man looking happy that there is still room in the cabinetry for more specimens.

Jacob is delighted the Paleobotany move is complete and that there is plenty of space in the cabinets to add more specimens.

Next Up: Transferring the Invertebrate Paleontology Collection. The rest of the available cabinets from this first shipment will be used to rehouse a good portion (almost all) of the Invertebrate Paleontology Collection. Check back for future updates.

Photo of a man in a red shirt getting ready to hand a small specimen to a woman who is standing on a ladder.

Jacob and Madison start the process of moving specimens from the Invertebrate Paleontology Collection into holding cabinets.

This blog was written by Jacob Van Veldhuizen, Paleontology Collections Technician. New Cabinetry is funded by a National Science Foundation Collections in Support of Biological Research Grant.

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